Development of augmented

and virtual reality

Our team develops unique applications of virtual and augmented reality. We cover the full development cycle: from concept to project implementation.



More than 53 completed projects

With the help of augmented and virtual reality technologies, we create applications and systems that allow your company’s customers to fully experience the opportunities and benefits of your brand’s products.

In addition to the development of complemented and virtual reality technologies, we also develop robotic exhibits and interactive installations for exhibition events.

Our approach

  • Solution of the client’s tasks "turnkey"

    We speak the same language as our customers

    Before starting work, we agree with you the stages of the project and proceed to the sequential implementation of the project. Thus, you always have a clear understanding of what is happening with the project.

  • Equipment

    Modern equipment

    When working on projects, we use the most modern equipment, which allows us to provide a high level of quality and to meet the deadlines.

  • Always on time

    Time is money

    We only set realistic deadlines and always strictly follow the schedule.

  • Interdisciplinary approach

    Understanding the tasks of the project

    The tasks of the project are teams that consist of specialists from different spheres. This allows you to work through all the nuances of the project: from the technical part to the marketing one.

  • Portfolio

    More than 50 projects implemented

    Our team has successfully implemented more than 50 different projects and concepts: from visualization of residential complexes to virtual reality stores.

  • Global coverage

    We work everywhere

    We focus on the global market and our customers are located in different parts of the world: Germany, USA, Russia.

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Our projects

work examples

AR/VR приложение для Технопарка

AR/VR app for Technopark “Universitetskiy”

AR приложение для Урало-Сибирской компании «НЕКСАН»

AR app for Ural & Siberia company “NEXSON”

Стенд Свердловской области на выставке ИННОПРОМ-2017

Sverdlovsk region stand on INNOPROM-2017 exhibition

 Дополненная и виртуальная реальность для OceanInfinity

AR/VR for OceanInfinity

 Беспроводной интерактивный велотренажер

Wireless VR cycle

Презентация новой модели Mercedes GLC

Presentation of new Mercedes GLC


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